The Woodland Wisdom Oracle deck is comprised of 29 vibrantly-illustrated cards; 24 Working Wisdom Cards for inspirational guidance, and five Gold Power Cards to reinforce the power delivered by these messengers. The 48-page booklet provides a description for each card, along with a special inspirational message, and sample readings.

Rev. Frances Munro uses her writing and workshops to help people connect with their own spirit guides and live more enlightened lives.

Fantasy artist Peter Pracownik created the artwork for the Imperial Dragon Oracle, Dragon Tarot, and The Lord of the Rings Tarot.

Peter lives with his wife and artist Nicola on the edge of the northern cliffs of Cornwall. His house is situated on a dragon ley line connecting a power source, which runs off the St Michael’s ley through to Glastonbury Tor. Peter has an extensive knowledge of myths and legends; Celtic, Saxon and Arthurian in particular.

Since going into print in 1989 more than six million impressions of his art in have been sold in many different formats. From originals to limited edition prints, tarots, oracles, greetings cards, album covers, t-shirts, jigsaws to name but a few. He has an archive of over 900 works of art and continues to be constantly inspired by the magic and etherealism within the world of Fae.

With over 80 fairy paintings to his name, Peter continues to be enchanted with the mystical realms of the parallel world. For him, doing Woodland Wisdom in conjunction with the truly inspiring Frances Munro has “revealed yet another beautiful world to step into; a further portal of expression that has led me to many new and true revelations.”