The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch, created by Cecilia Lattari and artistically rendered by Betti Greco, is a visually rich and immersive deck. The 50-card set is a testament to the earthy tradition of Green, Hedge, and Kitchen Witchcraft, with each card showcasing essential herbs, tools, and tales integral to this magical practice. The cards are not just visually striking but also tactile, offering a deep connection with the natural elements they represent.

This deck delves into the heart of nature’s wisdom, echoing the voices of plants and animals through its imagery. The symbolism is deeply rooted in the lore of nature and the magical practices associated with it. Each card in the deck carries its own story and energy, perfectly aligned with spellwork, rituals, and divination, making it an essential tool for anyone practicing or interested in the Green Witch tradition.

Users of the Secret Oracle of the Green Witch will find the accompanying 65-page illustrated guidebook immensely helpful in interpreting the cards’ rich symbolism. The guidebook provides insights into each card, enhancing the user’s understanding and application in various magical practices. The deck offers guidance and inspiration, whether for personal reflection, spell crafting, or divinatory purposes, making it a versatile and insightful tool for both novices and seasoned practitioners.

Cecilia Lattari, the creator of this oracle deck, together with the artistic talent of Betti Greco, brings a unique and authentic perspective to the world of witchcraft and divination. Their combined expertise in magical traditions and visual storytelling is evident in every aspect of the deck, from the intricate designs to the insightful guidebook, making the Secret Oracle of the Green Witch a profound and essential addition to the field.

Illustrated 65-page guidebook providing in-depth insights into each card