A 50-card oracle deck with guidebook designed to help deepen your relationship with your body’s wisdom, the Moon’s phases, and the rhythms of Earth’s Sacred Cycles.
 This deck was created for all cyclical beings, regardless of having a monthly bleed. We hope it inspires you to connect with nature and your Sacred Cycles, bringing you guidance along the way. Do you long for a healthy and empowering relationship with your cycle?
 Are you looking to connect deeper with your inner magic and learn how to live in alignment with the natural magic around you?

We are experiencing collective growth, and it is here that we are being called to remember our ancestors, our roots, and our traditions. Through each Moon phase, season, and internal shift, there are lessons to be learned. This deck was channeled and created to help the user tap into the traditional wisdom accompanying these cyclical changes. It is important to remember that we all experience these changes on some level, and it’s through these experiences that we can learn and grow together.

Allow this deck to take you on a journey inside your mind, body, and soul. Connect with nature and its patterns, and soon you will notice changes that arise within you. It is here that we begin to return to our Source. Pick a card a day to become inspired and devote time to learning each card, or pull a spread for insights on what you are experiencing in the present moment. Place specific cards on your altar space during each phase of the Moon or menstrual cycle to honor the shifts that are taking place. Use this deck in a way that serves you the best and embrace all of your sacred cycles.