The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot Non Giled edition

This is the, non-gold gilded edged version of The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot. This version includes 78 matte cards (70mm x 120mm), with non-gilded edges and a 144-page companion guide. It is made from slightly different materials from the original.

This deck started as a simple thought that I had attempted to translate into art many times. It was in the twilight hours of one darkening day, alone in the deserts of the Southwest, meditating on the abundance of spiritual power and connection surrounding me, that the vision for these cards came.

My vision for this work was to create a deck of nighttime scenes full of lush nature, animals, magic, and beauty, with goddesses standing proudly, fiercely, and wildly amongst them. Over the next three years, I spent more than a thousand hours piecing together these worlds through digital collage and drawing, to create a language that tells a story of what the Tarot means to me.

Through working with The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot, I hope you discover your own power and magic, learn to trust in your intuition, and find your place among the stars.