Communicating with spiritual forces—ancestors, spirit guides, dreams, or inner wisdom—can lead to fascinating insights that change our lives for the better. The Enchanted Spellboard helps us connect, and receive those perceptive messages from the world beyond. Beautiful and easy to use, the kit contains an 18 X 18 folding board in full colour, an engraved Magical Message Indicator[registered], and a 30-page instruction book. Just place your fingertips on the indicator and ask a question.

THE ENCHANTED SPELLBOARD will help you connect with your ancestors, spirit guides, dreams, and inner wisdom, and allow you to receive perceptive and intriguing messages from the Great Beyond.

You can consult THE ENCHANTED SPELLBOARD alone or with a partner.

  1. Place your fingertips lightly on the Magical Message Indicator
  2. Ask your question.
  3. Feel a slight tingling or a “magnetic” sensation moving the indicator around the board. Your answer can be spelled out one letter at a time, in the manner of an old-fashioned “talking
    board,” or by hovering over one or more of the ninety-five symbols;
    • A grotto of sacred trees • A circle of dancing enchantresses
    • The wheel of power words, zodiac signs, colors, numbers, and letters of the alphabet
    • The healing gemstones • The four directions to help you find your way.
  4. Look up the meaning of each symbol in the accompanying instruction book.
    You’ll also find purification techniques and ritual spells for accomplishing specific goals:
    Love • Abundance • Joy • Success Wellness • Courage • Banishing
    Creativity • Communication Timing • Location • Enlightenment

This beautiful, easy-to-use fortune-telling system by best-selling self-help experts Amy Zerner and Monte Farber has been designed to stimulate your imagination, strengthen your intuition, and help you to conquer your fears. THE ENCHANTED SPELLBOARD allows you to communicate with unseen spiritual forces, offering you a lifetime of inspiring information and fascinating insights.

Contains: 18″ x 18″ full-color folding board, specially designed and engraved Magical Message indicator, and 30-page instruction book.