The Faery Temple Oracle, created by Suzy Cherub, is a captivating 44-card deck that immerses users in the enchanting world of faeries. Each card in the deck is adorned with spirited and magical imagery, designed to evoke the essence of faery magic – a blend of possibility, starshine, and wonder. The artwork is both earthy and visionary, capturing the fearless and resourceful nature of the faeries.

This deck is centered around the wisdom and guidance of the faery realm. It serves as a portal to a mystical wonderland where inspiration, insight, and delight are abundant. Themes of clearing pathways, releasing limitations, and gaining clarity are prevalent, alongside the joy, love, and opportunity that the faeries bring.

The Faery Temple Oracle is designed for those seeking answers and a sanctuary of wisdom. The imagery and messages in the deck help users work with the elements to attract blessings, synchronicity, and fulfillment in various aspects of life. The 120-page guidebook provides deeper insights and guidance for interpreting the cards and applying their wisdom.

Suzy Cherub describes this oracle as a tool for heart healing and rewilding to the quest of authenticity. It’s a mystical guide for anyone seeking true guidance and a deeper connection with the magical world of faeries.

Suzy Cherub Suzy Cherub is an author known for her profound connection to mystical and spiritual realms. Her work in creating oracle decks, including the Faery Temple Oracle, reflects her commitment to providing heart-centered guidance and inspiration for personal and spiritual growth.