The Mudras Body Mind Spirit deck by Gertrud Hirschi introduces a vibrant collection of 68 cards, each showcasing unique finger and hand position exercises derived from traditional yoga practices. Illustrated by Vreni Erzberger, the cards are not only practical tools but also small works of art, color-coded to represent different aspects of wellbeing: orange/red for strength, yellow for mental alertness, green for harmony, blue for relaxation, and violet for spiritual transformation.

This deck emphasizes the profound connection between body and mind inherent in yoga philosophy. Through specific mudras, it addresses various facets of human experience – physical strength, mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual growth – echoing the holistic nature of yoga itself. The color-coding of the cards further deepens this thematic exploration, guiding users towards the mudras that best suit their current needs or aspirations.

Designed for accessibility and ease of use, the deck includes instructions for each mudra, allowing practitioners to integrate these exercises into daily life seamlessly. Whether used as an oracle to receive timely messages or as a therapeutic tool for specific ailments, Mudras Body Mind Spirit offers a flexible and intuitive approach to personal wellness and spiritual exploration.

Gertrud Hirschi, a bestselling author with a global reputation in the fields of yoga and mudras, brings her extensive experience and personal journey to this deck. Overcoming life’s challenges with resilience and positivity, Hirschi’s work is infused with a deep understanding of yoga’s transformative power. Her dedication to teaching and her exploration of mudras as a path to spiritual and physical wellness have made her books, including this deck, essential resources worldwide.