The Divine Nature Oracle by Angi Sullins, illustrated by Greg Spalenka, is a 44-card oracle deck designed to reconnect you with your inherent divine nature. The deck is a powerful tool for self-discovery, aimed at reminding you of your innate worth and radiance, often forgotten in the hustle of earthly life.

The cards feature captivating and beautiful imagery, with gold gilded edges that enhance their luxurious feel. The artwork, alongside the insightful guidebook, is intended to act like phoenix-fire, burning away all that obscures your true, golden self. Each card is an invitation to embrace your inner fire and realize your extraordinary value.

The deck is designed for ease of use, with cards that glide smoothly through the fingers, making shuffling a gentle and enjoyable experience. The aesthetic appeal extends to the back of the cards, which is as meticulously designed as the front. The magnetic hinged, foil-accented box, and the elegantly simple guidebook with color illustrations, make the set both practical and visually appealing.

Angi Sullins, the author, brings a depth of insight and empowerment to this oracle deck. The illustrator, Greg Spalenka, complements her vision with his captivating art, creating a deck that is not only insightful but also a feast for the eyes.

While the deck consists of only 44 cards, it meets all the essential criteria for a functional and beautiful oracle deck. It is suitable for various uses, from daily card pulls to being an add-on in tarot readings, offering guidance, affirmation, and a reminder of the users divine essence.